Revolution Recall Notice

Knight Rifles has received a small number of reports from the field of Revolution muzzleloading rifles accidentally discharging as the user closed the action. While there were no reports of personal injury, we asked those customers to return their rifles to us for inspection. Although we were unable to duplicate the claimed accidental firings in most of the rifles, we have instituted this recall for ALL Revolution and Revolution II rifles to allow us to inspect and repair the trigger mechanisms. Even if you have never had a problem with your Revolution or Revolution II rifle, you should not use your rifle until you have returned it to us for inspection and repair under the recall program. This recall only applies to Revolution and Revolution II rifles, and does not apply to any other models of Knight muzzleloaders.

If you own a Knight Revolution or Knight Revolution II you should immediately stop using your rifle(s) and discontinue any further use until your trigger assembly(s) have been inspected by our designated Knight Rifles factory personnel and returned to you by Knight Rifles. This recall ONLY requires that your trigger assembly be returned and inspected.

If you own more than one Knight Revolution rifle affected by this recall, click the “Add another rifle” button and indicate the model and serial number for each rifle. The form below should be filled out completely. When completed the “submit” button will initiate a process whereby a trigger assembly return kit (complete with prepaid return labels and all required packaging material) will be sent to your address. The trigger assembly return kit will be sent to your address by USPS and should arrive in 6-8 weeks after the date when the return request was received. When this trigger assembly return kit arrives please follow all of the included instructions. Our projected turnaround time for returning your trigger is 10 weeks after we receive it for inspection.

Please note:

Trigger Groups must be returned clean, free from powder fouling or rust.

Trigger Groups that have a serial number on the housing have already been processed (see image below, serial will be located in area noted).

Trigger Serial Number Location

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Thank you for your cooperation,
Knight Rifles

Revolution Model and Serial Number
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Please first inspect your barrel marking to verify that your rifle is a Knight Revolution model and is therefore affected by the recall. If you do not see a barrel marking indicating that your rifle is a Knight Revolution model, your rifle is not included in this recall. Please stop and do not complete this form.

Knight Revoultion
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Knight Revolution II
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Please indicate by comparing your trigger assembly to the photos whether your model is the Knight Revolution or the Knight Revolution II. For multiple triggers, please complete the entire form for each muzzleloading rifle.


Revolution Recall Form

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